Why PDA is not useful

Do you have a notebook computer? Don’t you think that they are too expensive and too heavy?
Although people buy notebook computers as their primary computer, but a notebook is a notebook.
You want something to carry with you without crushing your shoulder.

Although cell phones are replacing where PDSs were rapidly, it is very inconvenient to type information into it.
So, before notebooks become very small and light, there should be something that can serve as a viable portable machine.

The Palm Inc. recently announced two PDAs.

Well.. However it is not so appealing. I mean.. at least to me.
Why? Because they lack something very important.
What can be those?

OK. i would like to summarize it.

1. Something you can work with it on the street.
You may not need full power of your PC on the street. You should be able to jot down, edit your MS Word, Excel, and other files easily. You should be able to read PDF files. You should be able to check access information on the net.
Well, virtually you can with current Palm and Windows CE devices.
However is it really convenient? My opinion is.. NO.
While you are holding something, can you write something with your PDAs? NO. Input methods for the PDA should allow one hand or “thumb” only typing as well as two hand writing.

2. to programmers..

Whenever you have something in your head, you want to test it by writing small test code. Is there C/C++/Objective-C compilers on PDAs? Well.. no. How about Java? NO.
To programmers, who can have a lot of interest in these coold devices, PDAs are just…. nothing.

3. General use

Is it a lot easier to use and is more convenient than paper diaries? NO!

If things described so far are not satisfied, the PDAs are not attractive.

What do you think about PDAs?


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